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Thai Hot Chile Pepper

Thailand is an exquisite land of ornate temples, mountainous landscapes, and lush islands veiled in mystery. Out of the rich soil of Thailand grows a small chile which is one of the hottest chile peppers in the world!

Hot Thai chile peppers are utilized in Thai cuisine in stews, broths, stir fries, coconut soups, noodle dishes, and authentic Thai curry. Using spicy Thai chiles from The Chile Guy will authenticate your dishes while giving it heat and spice!

A.K.A. Bird’s Beak Chile

When Thai chile is dried, its tip curls to resemble a bird’s beak. The Thai chile’s heat intensifies with drying, and in traditional Thai cooking, home cooks throw a dried chile or two into a stir fry to make a zesty sauce.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ranking an 8-9 (out of 10) on The Chile Guy’s breakdown of the Scoville Heat Chart, the Thai hot chile pepper packs an incredible punch! Well-known for its flavorful heat, it can transform any recipe into a signature dish. Whether you are looking to add heat to your food, or you are looking for gourmet spices and chile to make authentic Thai cuisine, The Chile Guy can suit all of your commercial chile needs!

If you want your food to invoke the hills and palaces of Thailand while lending heat and a unique flavor to your recipe, talk to The Chile Guy about how you can get spicy Thai chile in the quantity and format you need for your commercial application.

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