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Pure New Mexico Chile Powder

Chimayo is a tiny village in northeastern New Mexico nestled in the enchanting foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Amidst the aroma of piñon and the scent of fire roasted chile, the people of Chimayo weave the fabric of their lives—which are inextricably tied to the piquant chiles that they harvest, roast, eat and sell.

If you stroll through Chimayo in autumn as the cottonwoods turn variegated shades of yellow and orange, you will detect the scent of apples wafting from the old orchards. What’s even more, the men and women of Chimayo will roast their chile crops in traditional hornos (or clay ovens)—letting the intoxicating scent of the chiles permeate the air.

The fabric of this little community is dependent on its chiles, which grow in twisted little shapes because of infrequent watering—giving them a special character which reflects the landscape in which they are grown.

Chimayo Chile Boom

A change came for this little close-knit community when Mark Miller—a chef from Santa Fe—”discovered” Chimayo’s chiles and utilized them in recipes, giving his dishes a distinctive flavor. Soon, chefs and home cooks from all over clamored for pure de-seeded and de-stemmed New Mexico chiles, desiring the authenticity and flavor of a “native” chile.

The Chimayo Chile Myth

What chile aficionados don’t know is that the pure de-seeded and de-stemmed New Mexico chile is a rare commodity. Producing no more than 500 acres of chile a year, Chimayo cannot supply the demands of a global market. Therefore, most of the chile marketed as “Chimayo Chile” is actually produced throughout New Mexico or other parts of the Southwest and a large majority of Chimayo’s crop is used to make decorative ristras, or ground into pure de-seeded and de-stemmed New Mexico chile powder.

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