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Is Hatch Green Chile Always From Hatch?

In 2011, the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act was passed to prevent misrepresentation about the origins of chile. Much like Florida and Idaho, New Mexico has a specific crop that develops best in the New Mexico climate and environment. As anyone who’s bought a Florida orange knows, there’s a certain expectation associated with names. That’s exactly what happened with the label ‘Hatch chile’ and why the Chile Guy is now offering frozen green chile.

Wouldn’t Hatch Chile Always Be From Hatch?

Thanks to clever horticulture, chile can be grown in private gardens or across the world. What was once a nearly exclusive product of New Mexico has become available from farms as far away as India. Chile grown outside of New Mexico was, in fact, being labeled as “New Mexico Grown” despite being an imported product. Hatch itself is a relatively

With the impact that had on New Mexico’s economy, the law was passed prohibiting any chile not specifically grown in New Mexico as being labeled as if it was. Not only does this include using geographical names, like Hatch, but it also requires chile farmers and distributors to label any products grown elsewhere “Not Grown in New Mexico.” If you were buying ‘Hatch’ green chile a few years ago, it may not even have come from the United States!

Why Buy New Mexico Chile?

Chile has been a key ingredient in New Mexican cuisine for decades, and it’s considered a key staple of Mexican dishes. What’s commonly labeled ‘Hatch’ green chile has a specific rating on the Scoville Chart, a strong vegetable flavor and a wide versatility in cuisine. It’s a chile that was horticulturally developed in New Mexico.

This is not to say that quality Chile products are not grown elsewhere and quality products in commercial quantities designed to meet to your needs is what The Chile Guy carries.

The Chile Guy stocks New Mexican grown green chile and it’s available as whole pods (pasado,) powder, flakes and fresh frozen. This is guaranteed New Mexico grown chile, drawing on a heritage and history of chile cultivation, and you can order it today!