Old Mexico Red 1lb Mild to Medium Whole Pods


Grown in the Southwest region of the United States, New Mexico hot chiles provide a quick heat and good flavor to all of your New Mexican dishes. New Mexico chiles average between 1,500-2,500 Scoville Heat Units, providing the warm flavors of southwest New Mexico without overwhelming heat. This chile powder is a good addition to soups, stews, sauces, rubs and other long-simmering applications.

Country. U.S. (New Mexico). Unique Southwest flavor, mild (2-4) Key ingredient for Red Chile sauce, dishes. You won’’t believe it. Beautiful, Color, Hatch Flavor and Mild Heat! This is the real deal. From Hatch to you by way of The Chile Guy.

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Old Mexico red chiles have a sharper flavor than their immature green counterparts or they “New” Mexico brothers from across the river.  Old Mexico chiles average between 1,500-2000 Scoville Heat Units.  These flavorful peppers are hotter than mild New Mexico and more subdued than Hot New Mexico peppers.   Their only crime is the come from the other side of the river.  These pods are great for your favorite New Mexican dishes and sauces.

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