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Buy in Bulk and Save with The Chile Guy!

A commercial kitchen can go through a lot of chiles in a few days, and it’s important to always have plenty on-hand. The Chile Guy offers affordable bulk pricing on whole chile pods, chile flakes and chile powders in addition to select herbs and spices. When you order with us, you don’t have to worry about ever running out of the flavorful additions to your signature dishes.

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Seasonings – including chiles – are expensive. This is especially true when you’re buying high-quality items picked at the peak of freshness and carefully stored to preserve their flavor. Buying in bulk can significantly decrease your costs.

We offer affordable chiles, herbs and spices in a variety of formats, including dried, frozen and powdered. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find for a competitive price and in the quantity you need.

We Can Handle Orders of All Sizes

When you buy in bulk, you bypass the extra packaging and retail mark-ups. You can also purchase by weight or volume and get exactly as much as you need rather than being locked into the seller’s available packages.

At The Chile Guy, we sell our chiles and spices by the pound, with some especially potent ones sold by the ounce. Sample sizes are available if you want to test something before you commit to a large order. Once you know how much you’ll need, we can match you with the best shipping method – whether it’s mailing a pound to you in flat-rate Priority Mail or using a freight truck to deliver hundreds of pallets.

For a shipping quote and price estimate on your bulk chiles, contact us today!