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Buy Specialty Chipotle ChileYou can’t beat the rich, smoky flavor of chipotle chiles.

Many of the most popular Mexican, New Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes have a signature smoky flavor that comes from chipotle chiles. When you need quality chipotle for your restaurant, grocery or other commercial application, you can get the finest products from The Chile Guy.

What Makes Chipotle Chipotle

Chipotle chiles are smoke-dried jalapeño peppers. While most jalapeños used in cooking are picked before they are ripe (i.e. when they are still green), those to be made into chipotle are left on the plant until the very end of the growing season when they have turned a deep red and naturally lost much of their moisture. They are then smoked in a sealed chamber for several days to give them their characteristic rich, smoky flavor.
Chipotle chiles’ hotness is related to the hotness of the pre-smoked jalapeño, which ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

Chipotle Chile Products

The Chile Guy’s chipotle selection includes two varieties:

  • Morita—the more common chipotle variety from chiles grown in northern Mexico. Morita means “mulberry” in Spanish, fitting for the purple-hued chiles.
  • Meco—a rare chipotle in the US from chiles grown in the southern and central regions of Mexico. Meco chipotle has a grey or brown hue.

Our products include:







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The Best Value

The Chile Guy carefully selects the chile growers and chiles used in our chipotle products. All our products meet the high standards for FDA approval and Kosher certification. We strive to maximize your dollar by offering bulk supplies and competitive shipping rates. Contact us for bulk chile supplies or for recommendations for the best products for your commercial application.

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