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Wholesale Chile & SpicesWe make it easy for wholesale customers to buy quality chiles.

The Chile Guy is the industry leader when it comes to providing restaurants, distributors and food processors with premium, Grade A chile. While many people search for wholesale chili and chili products, they’re really looking for good chile.

So, what’s the difference between ‘chili’ and ‘chile’?

Simple. ‘Chili’ refers to a spicy cooked dish that is made from chiles. ‘Chiles’ are the actual capsicum fruit/vegetable which can either be eaten raw or incorporated into dishes.
For those of you looking for chili and chili products wholesale, you may be a little disappointed to learn that we don’t actually provide chili mixes or recipes. What we do is provide you with the chiles you need to make the flavorful and distinct recipes that set you apart from your competition.
That’s right. Pure, natural, 100% authentic chile. Our chiles are hand selected to ensure the highest quality in color, flavor and heat. We sell chile by the pod, in powder and in flakes. And we process our own powder and flakes in our own mill to ensure that you only get premium grade chile—no matter what format it comes in. We do not use additives or artificial dies and all of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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Whether you’re looking for wholesale chili spices or chile spices, contact The Chile Guy to learn how we can help you obtain the best chile at the best prices! When you order from The Chile Guy, you’ll not only get fresh, quality, Grade A chile, but you’ll be able to purchase the chile you need in the amount that you need because we sell our chile in odd lots. We’ll also seek ways to help you save money on shipping so that you are maximizing every dollar you spend for your commercial chile application needs. When you want to set your food apart from the rest and contact The Chile Guy for premium chiles that make all the difference.

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