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Buy Specialty Jalapeño ProductsOne of the most popular chiles, jalapeños are a staple of all kitchens.

Jalapeños are among one of the most popular hot peppers in the US, used in applications as varied as Tex-Mex nachos and jalapeño poppers to Vietnamese pho. No matter your application, The Chile Guy carries the quality jalapeño pods and products you need.


About Jalapeño Chile

Jalapeño peppers are widely cultivated in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Like most peppers, the fruit is green until it is fully matured, at which time it turns red or red-orange. Most applications call for green jalapeños, but red jalapeños are the main ingredient for Sriracha sauce.
Jalapeño chiles range in heat from medium to hot—1,000 to 20,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

Jalapeño Products

The Chile Guy’s carries green jalapeño chile products, including:




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Jalapeños are smoke-dried to create chipotle chile, and The Chile Guy carries two varieties—morita and meco—both available in whole pods, flakes and powder.
All our jalapeño products are available in larger quantities. If you need more than 10 lbs. (way more!), call us at 800.869.9218 or email us to place your bulk order and get a shipping estimate.

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Jalapeños are tried and true for many popular Tex-Mex foods and snacks, but if you want to add heat with a unique flavor, you may want to try some of the other chile varieties available from The Chile Guy. Contact us for recommendations for chile products with similar heat profiles or try our small chile powders to experiment on your own.

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