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The Chile Guy: Bulk Spices and Wholesale Chile : Chiles, chilies, chilis, capsicums—no matter what you call them, The Chile Guy can supply you with premium Grade A chile in whatever quantity and format you need! With over 100 different chile varieties hand-selected by the country’s leading purveyor of chile, you’re sure to find the very best chile in the right quantity and format for your wholesale bulk spice needs.
What is Capsicum? Definition of Capsicum-Capsaicin : What is Capsicum? Capsicum refers to the family of plants to which the chile pepper belongs. The fruit of most species of Capsicum contains capsaicin, a lipophilic chemical that can produce a strong burning sensation in the mouth of the unaccustomed eater.
Chile—It’s Good in any Season! Chile Crop Information : In order to provide you with the very best chiles year round, The Chile Guy keeps a careful watch on world chile markets so that he can provide you with premium chile at great rates. We can not only supply you with exotic and hard-to-find-chiles, but popular chiles found throughout the world, like Hungarian chile, Guajillo chile, Habanero chile and more—just ask!
Quality-Freshness-Selection of Chile Peppers : The Chile Guy is recognized throughout the world as a purveyor of only the finest quality chiles that boast exquisite flavor. All chiles provided by The Chile Guy are rigorously inspected for flavor, heat, color, purity and cleanliness. Whether you need 5 pounds or 50,000 pounds, The Chile Guy is equipped to meet all of your commercial chile needs.
Measuring Hot Chile Pepper Heat—Scoville Chart : The Scoville Chart measures the heat potency of a chile pepper by assessing the ratio of sugar water to pepper mass to neutralize the heat. What that boils down to is a numbering system that starts at 0 and goes on indefinitely—the higher the number, the hotter the chile.
Gourmet Spices-Gourmet Seasonings-Gourmet Spice Extracts : The Chile Guy specializes in providing restaurants, distributors and food processors with the best chiles on the planet—literally. Recognized as one of the country’s leading chile purveyors, The Chile Guy scouts the best chile and produce markets on the face of the earth to find exquisite and exotic chiles, gourmet spices, extracts and seasonings.
Wholesale Hot Chile Peppers-Different Types of Hot Peppers : The Chile Guy can supply you with the hottest peppers on the planet for your commercial application. From the scorching Ghost chile to the searing Habanero chile, The Chile Guy has got you covered!
Medium Heat Chile-Wholesale and Bulk-Medium Heat Chile Peppers : The Chile Guy is the leading provider of premium, Grade A chiles in the country. By hand selecting our chiles from the best chile and produce markets in the world, we ensure that you get nothing but pure, quality chile—whether you’re purchasing whole pods, flakes or powders.
Mild Heat Chile Peppers-Bulk and Wholesale : When you are looking for the very best chile for your commercial application, contact The Chile Guy. By hand selecting the finest chiles from the world’s greatest chile markets, we are able to provide commercial buyers with the premium, Grade A chile.
Gourmet Chile Spices-Bulk and Wholesale Gourmet Chile : We sell only the best in bulk spices for commercial applications. By purchasing wholesale chile and spices from The Chile Guy, we guarantee that you will have pure, natural, 100% chile products that are the highest in quality in terms of heat, color and flavor.
Chile by Region-Jamaican-Hungarian-Mexican : No matter what your chile needs are, The Chile Guy will provide you with the very best wholesale chile. Offering chile from around the world including Jamaican chile, Hungarian chile, Mexican Chile and more!
Jamaican Hot Chile-Scotch Bonnet Chile Peppers-Jamaican Bulk Spice : Scotch Bonnets are some of the most pungent little peppers on the planet. They are in the same family as the Habanero and pack just as much punch! Scotch Bonnet chile peppers, or Jamaican hot chiles, are commonly used in Caribbean cooking—and can be quite a shock to the uninitiated.
Types of Mexican Chile-Bulk Mexican Chile-Wholesale : Get authentic Mexican chile of the highest quality for your commercial wholesale application! With a quick call to The Chile Guy, you can learn how to reduce a cost element in the material and/or labor of your food product.
Bulk New Mexico Chile Powder : Possessing a unique flavor profile that invokes the parched, but beautiful landscape in which it is grown, bulk New Mexican chile powder adds a unique flavor to traditional Southwestern cuisine. Contact The Chile Guy to order bulk New Mexico chile powder for your commercial application!
New Mexico Pure Chile Powder- Bulk & Wholesale : Amidst the aroma of piñon and the scent of fire roasted chile, the people of Chimayo weave the fabric of their lives—which are inextricably tied to the piquant chiles that they harvest, roast, eat and sell. Contact The Chile Guy to learn how you can get chile flavors for your commercial application that hearken back to the simplicity and beauty of this unique little New Mexico placita.
Hungarian Hot Chile Peppers-Bulk and Wholesale : Whether you are looking for hot Hungarian chile peppers to spice up a recipe or a mild Hungarian cherry pepper to use as a garnish, The Chile Guy can supply all of your bulk chile needs.
Different Types of Hot Chile Peppers : A list of the different types of hot chile peppers offered by The Chile Guy. Wholesale and bulk spices for all your chile needs!
Wholesale Guajillo Chile Peppers : Our wholesale Guajillo chili powder consists of 100% authentic, pure, natural chile. Most Guajillo chiles hail from the dry climate of north central Mexico and is used for pigment and decoration in Mexican cuisine. Contact The Chile Guy for all of your bulk spice needs today!
Dried Green Chili (Chile) Powder-Bulk & Wholesale : If you want a flavor profile that is distinctly New Mexican for your commercial application, there is nothing more New Mexican than green chile! Our dried green chili powder is made from authentic New Mexico green chiles. We select only the best green chiles for our chile powder—and we never use additives or artificial dyes.
New Mexico Red Chile Powder : The Chile Guy de-stems all of our chiles before pulverizing them into fine powder at our own mill. All powders must meet rigorous standards of quality. Our red chile powders contain no additives or artificial dyes; it’s just plain, natural, authentic mouth-watering chile for commercial use.
Dried Chipotle Peppers-Bulk Chipotle Chile Pepper : Our dried chipotle pepper flakes contain no additives, artificial dyes, or other spices. Since we do not use blends or additional ingredients, you are guaranteed 100% natural, pure Chipotle! Contact The Chile Guy for premium Chipotle in whole pods, flakes and powder for your commercial application.
Chipotle Pepper Flakes-Bulk Spices-Chipotle : Lending a strong, smoky taste and aroma to your recipes, The Chile Guy’s Chipotles come in whole peppers, powders, and flakes to meet the variety of your chile application needs. We sell in bulk!
Dried Ancho Chile Peppers-Wholesale-Bulk : Ancho chiles are the dried form of Poblano peppers and impart a Paprika-like sweet flavor with a tinge of earthiness. Our dried Ancho chile peppers are hand-selected from the finest quality chiles for use in commercial applications.
Ground Habanero Pepper-Habanero Pepper Powder : If you are looking for Habanero pepper powder, flakes or whole pods, contact The Chile Guy for all of your commercial chile needs.
Wholesale Chile Peppers-Wholesale Chile Spices : The Chile Guy is the industry leader when it comes to providing restaurants, distributors and food processors with premium, Grade A chile. Whether you’re looking for wholesale chili spices or chile spices, contact The Chile Guy to learn how we can help you obtain the best chile at the best prices!
Mexican Restaurant Food Supply-Mexican Food Restaurant Supply : The Chile Guy can supply one of the most important aspects of your Mexican restaurant food supply needs—the chile! We understand that chile is not only an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine, but quality chile is paramount to creating flavor-packed menu items that set you apart from your competitors.
Shipping and Transportation Information-The Chile Guy : Save money on your commercial chile shipping with The Chile Guy! When you order from The Chile Guy, we’ll help you maximize your shipping costs!
Commercial Wholesale Spices Distributors-Wholesale-Chile and Herbs : The Chile Guy supplies the highest quality chile, spice and herbs wholesale for commercial use. As one of the leading wholesale spice and chile companies in the country, The Chile Guy has the ability to meet all of your chile needs.
Bulk Green Chile-New Mexico Green Chile Online-Bulk : The Chile Guy is known throughout the world as having the best supply of premium chiles for commercial use. If you’re a restaurant, distributor, food processor or other food industry business, contact The Chile Guy for all of your bulk chile and spices!
Bulk Herbs and Spice-Herbs and Spices in Bulk : The Chile Guy is committed to carefully scouting world chile markets to find the best Grade A chile at the best prices. While our specialty is chile, we are committed to providing the very best in bulk herbs and spice to commercial buyers as well. Contact The Chile Guy today to learn how you can benefit from our premium chile pods, powders and flakes!
Buy Prime New Mexico Green Chile-Bulk Green Chile Foods : Our bulk green chile foods comes in a number of formats, including powder, flakes, pasado and frozen. Contact The Chile Guy for all of your bulk green chile buying needs!
Contact Us – The Chile Guy : The Chile Guy provides those in the food industry with the very best chile in terms of heat, color, flavor and purity. Contact The Chile Guy for pure, 100% natural chile for your commercial application today!
Quality Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder Spices: The Chile Guy carries chile powders from chiles grown around the world. Get quality chile products at wholesale prices when you make us your bulk supplier.
Stemless Whole Chile Pods-Wholesale Dried Chiles: The Chile Guy carries stemless whole dry chile pods and powders for your convenience. Order online or contact us to inquire about bulk quantities.
Mulato Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries mulato chile, one of the key ingredients for traditional Mexican molés. For the finest chile products, order from The Chile Guy today!
Jalapeno Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries red and green jalapeño powders and chipotle chile products to add the kick you want. Contact us for bulk orders or for recommendations for chile products best suited to your commercial application.
Habanero Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries whole-pod, flaked and powder habanero chiles for use in your commercial kitchen. Order online or contact us for bulk supplies at wholesale prices.
De-Arbol Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries chile de arbol pods and powders for your commercial applications. Order online or contact us for bulk quantities.
Chipotle Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries popular morita chipotle and the rare meco chile in a variety of forms for your commercial application. Contact us to order your flakes, whole pods or powder today.
Ancho Chile Wholesale-Bulk Powder, Flakes, Whole Peppers: The Chile Guy carries specialty ancho chile products, made from one of the most popular Mexican chile peppers. Get the whole pods, flakes and powder you need for your restaurant or other commercial application.
Whole Chile Pods-Wholesale Dried Chiles: The Chile Guy carries whole dried chile pods from around the world. Whole chiles offer the most versatility for your application, and we offer bulk supplies and wholesale pricing.
Quality Chile Wholesale Spices-Bulk Chile Pepper Flakes: The Chile Guy carries a variety of chile flakes, all from the highest quality chiles sourced from fine purveyors across the globe. Contact us to order your chile supplies today!
Wholesale Chile Powder-Bulk Specialty Spices: The Chile Guy carries chile powder made from the most popular chile pepper varieties. Get the color, flavor, kick and quantities you need in just a few clicks.
Wholesale Specialty Chiles-Bulk Whole Chile Peppers: The Chile Guy carries a wide variety of whole dried chile peppers in bulk sizes to meet your demands. Check out our pepper varieties and order online today.
Wholesale Specialty Chiles-Bulk Chile Flakes: The Chile Guy carries a variety of specialty chile flakes in various bulk sizes for your hearty recipes and table condiments. Order the chile flakes you need today.
Specialty Bulk Spices-Wholesale Bulk Chiles: The Chile Guy offers specialty chile products—the highest quality whole dried pods, flakes and powders available. Contact us for bulk orders and shipping estimates.
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