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Chile aficionados are forever in search of the hottest peppers on the planet. While some peppers offer strict heat value, if you’re looking for hot peppers to spice up one of your dishes, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for heat.
At The Chile Guy we understand that you are targeting a specific audience with your commercial chile application. When you are targeting chile heads and fire eaters or just want to produce a hot flavorful dish, there are many different types of hot peppers to consider. Some of the most popular hot chiles include:


Ghost chile (Naga Pepper) was recently named the hottest chile in the world. Ghost peppers are generally used sparingly as the smallest amount can make any dish virtually inedible. In fact, ghost chiles are so hot that the Indian Army recently developed a weapon that utilizes the ghost chile’s potency! Currently, there isn’t really a commercial food application for ghost chiles, but they are, nonetheless, becoming more commercially available. Ghost chiles are still somewhat rare and considered exotic.


Habanero chiles are hot! In small portions, habaneros can add a nice fruity-floral flavor with quite a kick to any dish. Habaneros are virtually indistinguishable from Scotch Bonnets or Jamaican chiles in flavor and heat—they’re just a little larger in size than these close cousins. The Habanero is generally commercially available. More cultivation is taking place in the United States, though most of the domestic crop is sold as a fresh item. Dry Habanero, in different formats, is cultivated on a commercial scale in the Yucatan region of Mexico.


Pequin is a tiny chile commonly grown in Mexico. But don’t let its small size fool you—this little chile can easily bring the unsuspecting to tears. Pequin, means “small;” so, many people call flakes of hot chile made from small Arbol-type peppers “Pequin flakes,” but the actual Pequin chile is harvested by hand and is an unmistakable “arrowhead” shaped pepper the size of a fingernail. Pequin is considered an exotic chile and substitutes may be named “Pequin”—but if you need the authentic, real deal, call The Chile Guy.


Cayenne pepper is a great way to add some zest and spicy flavor to any dish. This pungent pepper has a thick flesh and is frequently used in Cajun recipes.

De Arbol

De Arbol is Spanish for “treelike;” it refers to the woody stems of these brightly colored little chiles. De Arbols are frequently used for decoration because of their striking color and small size. They are also commonly used in chili, salsas, tacos and curries.
If you are considering different types of hot peppers for your commercial application, contact The Chile Guy. The Chile Guy is a purveyor of the very best chiles in the world—enabling him to provide chiles that are superior in quality and freshness! He provides hot, flavorful chiles in a variety of formats, including whole chiles, flakes and powders in bulk. All chiles from The Chile Guy are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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