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Providing Commercial Buyers with the Best Price,
Largest Variety & Highest Quality in Bulk Chile

Commercial Wholesale Spices and ChileWe offer a variety of wholesale spices.

The Chile Guy supplies the highest quality chile, spice and herbs wholesale for commercial use. As one of the leading wholesale spice and chile companies in the country, The Chile Guy has the ability to meet all of your chile needs.

Whether you are looking for exotic flavors to set your recipe apart from the rest, are looking for unique international chiles like the Hungarian Cherry or Serrano chile, or need some dried Chipotle peppers to spice up your bar cuisine, The Chile Guy can supply all of your commercial chile needs.

Nothing but Pure, Authentic, Grade A Chile

Providing you with the best chile and spices is our top priority. By carefully scouting the world’s chile and produce markets for premium Grade A chile and spices, we supply you with only the highest quality products in terms of heat, flavor, color and purity. Additionally, our chile and chile products (dried whole pods, flakes and powders) are free of artificial dyes and additives, Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

Save Money with The Chile Guy

When you contact The Chile Guy for your commercial chile needs, you will discover shipping experts who will help you maximize your budget by finding the most efficient and economical way to ship your chile. With a short phone call, The Chile Guy can help you find ways to reduce a cost element in material and/or labor and show you how to minimize freight costs through savvy ordering.

Chile When you Need It

All of our wholesale bulk spice and chile is shipped UPS, FED EX, the United States Postal Service and a variety of trucking firms—whatever will get the job done the most economically. Most orders ship the same day they are placed. If you need your wholesale bulk spices and chile in a hurry, we can expedite the shipping so you get your chile when you need it.

If you are looking for wholesale spice distributors, call 800.869.9218 to get quality chile and spices from The Chile Guy today!