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Buy Specialty De-Arbol Chile ProductsDe-arbol peppers impart a hot yet earthy flavor into a variety of recipes.

The Chile Guy sources chiles from the finest growers in the world to bring you chile pepper products with superior flavor, color and heat. Our selection of chile de arbol is no exception.

About Chile de Arbol

Chile de arbol literally means “tree-like,” a name derived from its long woody stem. It is also known as “bird’s beak chile” or “rat tail chile” because of its long, slender shape.
De arbol is a relative of cayenne pepper and has a similar heat profile (hot) with a smoky, earthy flavor. De arbol chile is used to provide a kick for many authentic Mexican recipes, but it can also be used to bring out the flavors of other ingredients.
Ancho chiles range from 15,000 to 30,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

De Arbol Products

The Chile Guy’s chile de arbol selection includes:




Whole pods 1 lb. $6.95 Select Options
5 lb. $30.75
10 lb. $60.50
25 lb. $140.95
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Whole pods – stemless 1 lb. $6.95 Select Options
5 lb. $30.75
10 lb. $60.50
25 lb. $140.95
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Powder – 40 SKU 5 lb. $20.75 Select Options
10 lb. $33.50
25 lb. $78.95
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Powder – 80 SHU 1 lb. $6.95 Select Options
5 lb. $25.95
10 lb. $40.50
25 lb. $100.95
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Beyond Commercial Kitchen Applications

De arbol chiles are popular for cooking, but they also make beautiful decorations. The Chile Guy offers bulk chile supplies at wholesale prices, perfect for crafters of ristras and chile wreathes.
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