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Buy Specialty Chile FlakesWe’re proud of our wide selection of chile flakes.

Chile flakes provide a robust flavor and hearty texture to a variety of dishes as well as provide a kicky condiment. The Chile Guy carries an array of chile flakes in bulk quantities for all your commercial applications.

Chile Flake Varieties and Quantities

The Chile Guy provides only 100% pure, natural chiles, selected from the source country’s leading purveyors to deliver the finest flavor, heat and color. Our chile flake products include:



The ancho chile is the most widely utilized Mexican chile, frequently incorporated in enchilada sauces, salsas and molés. This popular chile provides a mild to medium kick in any recipe, but its sweet flavor helps taper the heat and prevent your mouth from being set ablaze.

Scoville Heat Scale: 1,500-3,000



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The guajillo chile has a similar flavor and heat profile as New Mexico chiles, but it has a deeper, sweeter and fruity undertone, making it an essential element in Mexican dishes and any fusion experiment.

Scoville Heat Scale: 2,500-5,000



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Although it has lost its title as the hottest chile in the world, habaneros are still the hottest commercially available chile. The habanero chile has a distinctive flavor profile, opening with floral-fruity notes and ending with a powerful heat. Our habanero chiles are sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula, selected for their heat, flavor and relative cost.

Scoville Heat Scale: 150,000-300,000



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25 lb. $419.95

Morita (chipotle)

Chipotle morita is a smaller jalapeño with a purple hue and smoky flavor. This chile, knowns as “little blackberry,” packs plenty of flavor and medium heat.

Scoville Heat Scale: 3,000-10,000



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