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Prime New Mexico Green ChileOur bulk green chiles come in powders and flakes.

Highest Quality Chile, Lowest Possible Price for Commercial Applications

The Land of Enchantment is not only home to vast vistas of Southwestern mystique, but a rich tapestry of cuisine infused with the distinct flavor of fire roasted green chile.
New Mexico green chiles are actually Anaheim chiles; however, over time New Mexico Chile growers have put a special mark on this pepper. With a unique warm and dry climate, New Mexico Green Chiles are saturated with the inimitable essence that is New Mexico.
Green Chile is a great way to enhance many dishes without overwhelming other flavors and is an essential mainstay in Southwestern cuisine with its earthy, warm flavor and mild to medium heat.

Bulk Green Chile in a Variety of Formats for Commercial Needs

If you’re looking to buy New Mexico chile foods, we don’t do that. We supply the finest New Mexico green chile so that you can create the mouthwatering foods you envision. Our wholesale bulk green chile comes in a number of formats for commercial use and is both Kosher certified and FDA inspected. Our green chile formats include:


Our green chile powder is made from the finest New Mexico green chiles. It is the perfect way to add a Southwestern flair to any dish without having to take up large amounts of space in storing green chile for commercial applications!


Our green chile flakes are made from the highest quality dehydrated green chiles. Use them to add some Southwestern zip to your commercial application!


Our frozen green chile is flame roasted, peeled and packed using whole pods. Freezing maintains the rich flavor and structure of the chile. You can purchase our chopped green chile with heat levels of Hot, Extra Hot and Xtra Xtra Hot by 25-pound case or in 5-pound bags. Our whole green chile for rellenos is Mild and is sold by 25-pound case.
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If you are looking for a savory Fall Festival Double Roast Green Chile flavor with a touch of zest to add to your commercial application, look no further! We do not use additives or artificial dyes—so you get 100% pure, natural green chile products for your commercial application. Peruse our site to learn more about The Chile Guy and our New Mexico green chile online. Contact The Chile Guy today buy New Mexico Chile for foods that sizzle with authentic Southwestern flavor.

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