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Largest Variety & Highest Quality in Bulk Chile

Chile—It’s Good in any Season!We monitor world chile markets to bring customers great products at affordable rates.

In order to provide you with the very best chiles year round, The Chile Guy keeps a careful watch on world chile markets so that he can provide you with premium chile at great rates. The best time to buy chiles, of course, is when there’s a large, new crop.
But what happens when you need Chipotle Morita in the spring when the small crop yields a high price? Or you need Ancho peppers in the summer, but the main crop is not ready until fall?
That’s where The Chile Guy comes in.
Instead of carefully watching the chile market to get chiles at the best rate, you can rely on The Chile Guy to do that for you! No matter what kind of chile you need at any time of year, you can count on The Chile Guy to have the finest chiles at great prices for commercial buyers.
By refrigerating our chile, we are able to purchase premium chile when it is in season and plentiful to meet your chile supply needs throughout the year. This allows us to pass on the cost savings to you without sacrificing quality in flavor and heat!

Contact The Chile Guy for all of your Bulk Commercial Chile Needs

At The Chile Guy, we ship our chile in the most efficient and economical way possible—virtually anywhere in the world! Our products usually ship the same day you place your order so you get the chile you need when you need it.
As a commercial buyer, we understand that getting the chile you need in the right amounts and in the right format is imperative to maintaining a competitive price point for your product; that’s why you may purchase our chile products in odd lots—so you get exactly what you need.
The Chile Guy can not only supply commercial buyers with exotic and hard-to-find-chiles, but popular chiles found throughout the world, like Hungarian chile, Guajillo chile, Habanero chile and more—just ask! All of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

Chile Food Safety

Product specifications are available upon request and food analysis “Certificates of Analysis” can be provided; the cost for these certificates varies according to the type of tests ordered and the number of tests performed. Further sterilization of chile and chile products (i.e., powders) will be performed subject to requirement of the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture.

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