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Providing Commercial Buyers with the Best Price,
Largest Variety & Highest Quality in Bulk Chile

Bulk Herbs and SpicesWe offer a quality selection of bulk spices.

The Chile Guy is committed to carefully monitoring and buying product in all the world chile markets to find the best Grade A chile at the best prices. While our specialty is chile, we are committed to providing the very best in bulk herbs and spice to you as well.

One Stop Shopping for Commercial Buyers

By providing a selection of associated spices, The Chile Guy offers buyers the chance for one stop shopping for their restaurant or application needs. Consolidating orders of chile and spices can amount to significant savings on shipping. (Note: The Chile Guy does not make money on shipping. We shop for the best transportation method for the amount of product to the given location and add the shipping cost to orders. We offer shipping from UPS, FED EX, a variety of trucking firms and the United States Postal Service—whatever will get the job done the most economically.)

Fresh, Quality Chile, Herbs and Spice in the Quantity you Want

When dealing with chiles, herbs and spices in bulk, the cost of shipping can add up fast. No matter if you need 5 pounds or 50,000 pounds of product, The Chile Guy can show you how to save money on shipping by carefully assessing your needs. To best accommodate the largest of needs to the smallest of needs, we sell our chiles, herbs and spices in odd lots so that you can get what you need in the quantities that you need.

Buy your Chile, Herbs and Spices in Bulk from The Chile Guy today!

With our large selection of chiles and accompanying bulk herbs and spice, we are able to satisfy a broad customer base—from fine restaurants and distributors to smaller fast food kitchens and the largest food processors and food service companies across the globe. We have the expertise to help any restaurant, distributor or food processor make the most of the spices and chiles they buy from us.
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