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Buy Specialty Ancho Chile ProductsAncho chiles are a perfect fit for moles and salsas.

The Chile Guy supplies every type of chile you need, including the ancho chile, one of the most popular Mexican peppers. We offer whole dried pods, flakes and powders to suit your commercial applications.

Ancho Chile Flavor

Ancho chiles are dried ripened poblano peppers. Poblano peppers are fresh, pre-ripe peppers, which is why they’re green. Anchos, on the other hand, are allowed to ripen on the plant, turning red and developing a sweetness to complement its mild to medium heat. Ancho chiles are a staple for a wide variety of Southwestern and Mexican dishes, including enchilada sauces, salsas and molés.
Ancho chiles range from 1,500 to 3,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

Ancho Chile Products

The Chile Guy’s ancho chile selection includes:




Whole pods 1 lb. $8.95 Select Options
5 lb. $35.95
10 lb. $60.95
25 lb. $145.95
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Whole pods – stemless 1 lb. $10.95 Select Options
5 lb. $40.95
10 lb. $70.50
25 lb. $149.75
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Flakes 5 lb. $40.95 Select Options
10 lb. $60.95
25 lb. $150.95
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Powder – Dark 1 lb. $9.95 Select Options
5 lb. $40.75
10 lb. $50.95
25 lb. $130.95
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If these popular sizes do not meet your needs, please call us at 800.869.9218 or email us to get the bulk chile supplies you need.

Explore New Pepper Varieties

Ancho chiles are tried and true, but maybe you’d like to experiment with something new in your restaurant kitchen. The Chile Guy carries chiles from around the world with varying flavor and heat profiles. Contact us for recommendations for your application.

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