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Chile Flakes and Chile Powder – When Should You Use Each?

The Chile Guy sells a wider variety of chiles than you’ll find in the store, and that variety might be a little overwhelming if you’re going outside your comfort zone to do some culinary experimentation. You might have a clear idea of how to use fresh roasted green chiles, but what do you do with green chile powder? You might be used to canned chipotle peppers, but how do you handle chipotle flakes?

Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. Here’s the secret to getting the most out of your chile powders and flakes.

Chile Powderspowders

Don’t confuse our product with “chili powder” from the store. Other chili powders are a blend of spices, but ours are 100% dried and powdered chile. We offer ancho, chipotle, ghost chile, green chile and more in powdered form.

Chile powder gives a very even distribution of flavor in a dish. It’s best in long-simmering soups, stews and sauces where the flavors can mellow, deepen and soak into the other ingredients. It’s also great in rubs and marinades since it dissolves so well and has such density of flavor.

To get the most out of your chile powder, you’ll want to add it to the mire poix or mix it with the oil in a marinade – be sure it gets thoroughly cooked, and let the oil draw out some of the more complex flavors.

Chile Flakesflakes

Red chile flakes are a popular staple in many different culinary traditions. We offer these, but we also have some more exotic options like chipotle and green chile. All are crushed from dried chile pods.

Chile flakes are versatile, and the point at which you add them to a dish will have a big effect on the final flavor. If you put them in at the beginning, they will infuse the entire dish with flavor and heat. If you wait until the dish is nearly finished cooking, their flavor will stay more isolated, providing bright pops of heat and depth of flavor.

Whether you use chile powder, chile flakes, or a combination of both, you can get the freshest and best-quality chiles from The Chile Guy! Call today to see what we have in stock.