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Chile… For Dessert?

Restaurant KitchenIt may sound bizarre, but adding chile to sweets such as chocolate has actually been done for centuries. Recipes that call for chocolate—mole, some chilis and other dishes—use it to add body, flavor and color. The real benefit is that the pH level of chocolate helps to counterbalance the acidity of the spices in some dishes. With the noticeable blend of flavors, it’s a natural step to add a little chile to desserts for something new.

Spicy Offsets Sweet

One of the most pressing parts of the restaurant business is providing customers with a new experience. You want to present delicious food in an atmosphere that encourages them to return, but how are you going to do that?

By presenting new flavors in the shape of spicy desserts!

Adding chile to chocolate may not be new, but the popularity of it worldwide has grown considerably. Many restaurants are adding a little chile to their desserts to off-set the sweetness and create a complimentary exchange of flavors. Chocolate is the most popular choice, but many fruit-based desserts such as apple pies and pear tarts are also getting a little bite.

It’s All In Your Head

Why would anyone want to combine spicy and sweet? It has to do with the way the human brain perceives both pain and pleasure. Both sensations activate dopamine neurons and many areas where those neurons overlap release endorphins during stress.

This means that when you’ve eaten something at once spicy and sweet, you’re receiving the benefit of the sweetness and the pleasure that comes after the spice-induced pain has subsided. It’s a clever way to increase your enjoyment of a dessert without adding ingredients that can’t blend well together.

Are you looking for high quality chile to give your own desserts a little flair? The Chile Guy provides bulk orders and smaller amounts of flakes, leaves powders and other spices. Give your restaurant a new reason to brag with a specialized spicy dessert; we’ll give you the chile to make that happen!