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Our Dried Chile Sterilization Process & Food Safety

chileGrowing chile is the process of nourishing peppers so they become the robust, delicious chiles appreciated by our customers across the country. Just as important as growing chile plants is how the peppers are sterilized and handled before they are shipped to our customers.

How we Keep our Chile Powder Fresh

Chile peppers are susceptible to different fungi and bacteria. The growth of fungi and bacteria is monitored closely during the grow process. After chile peppers are harvested, special steps are taken to ensure they are sterile and safe for your use:

  1. First, the soil the chile peppers grow in is sterilized.
  2. Next, the chile pepper seeds are sterilized before they are planted.
  3. During the grow process, fungicides are applied to chile to limit wilt, foot rot and other fungal diseases.
  4. Once the chiles are harvested, they are cleansed to remove soil and organic materials. Chiles are frozen before they are sent to us to prevent bacterial contamination.
  5. Next, chiles are washed in a solution and put into sterilization/drying machines that reach about 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want to Buy Bulk Chile Products?

From green and red chile to habanero peppers and dried ancho, The Chile Guy supplies bulk chile to restaurants, distributors and manufacturers throughout the United States. You can order on our bulk chile page, or contact us at 800-869-9218 to learn more.