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Chiles in a Variety of Formats to Suit Your Restaurant’s Needs

You don’t earn a name like The Chile Guy without being an authority on chile! We’re the top resource for New Mexican restaurants needing chile for their commercial kitchens, and we fill this need by providing a variety of chiles and spices in a number of different formats. Whatever you’re looking for to add that signature heat and flavor to your dishes, we can provide it.

 Dried Chilesdried chile pepper

One of the most versatile formats available for use in your commercial kitchen, whole chile pods can become the base of sauces, stews, salsas and more. All of our chiles are picked at the peak of freshness before being carefully de-stemmed and dried to preserve their intense flavor and heat.

Chile Powderschile powder in spoon

If you’re looking to save even more time in the kitchen, rely on our fresh-ground chile powders to bring flavor to your dishes. Some places sell powder cut with artificial colorings, preservatives or filler ingredients, but not us. When you buy our chile powders, you’re guaranteed 100% pure ground chile, FDA inspected and Kosher certified.

Chile Flakesflakes

Flakes act as a perfect compromise between powders and whole pods. The subtle differences in flavor and texture between a dish made with chile flakes and powder can be important to your restaurant’s signature menu, and that’s why we take care to offer as much variety as we can. We offer crushed hot chile flakes, chipotle flakes and New Mexico green chile flakes – a specialty you won’t find in most other stores!

Frozen Chilesfrozen-chile

New Mexico green chiles are available fresh only a fraction of the year. To ensure you have top-quality green chile available year-round for your cheeseburgers, stews, sauces and other dishes, you can rely on the premium frozen green chiles sold by The Chile Guy.

 We sell our chile by the pound, and no order is too big or small. Contact us to learn more about our diverse chile formats and shipping options or to place your bulk order for chile today!