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Does Where a Chile’s Grown Affect Its Flavor?

Every fruit, vegetable and spice have optimum growing conditions. Rice grows well with constant soil moisture, apples do better in moderate temperatures and chile peppers need warmth with good soil drainage. Where a chile is grown can affect the plant’s production and even the flavor! Why else would the Chile Guy pick and choose chile from different regions to offer the highest quality of taste?

What Affects a Chile’s Growth?

Plants are just like us in needing a range of nutrients to thrive. Chile can be especially finicky about growing and producing fruit if the conditions aren’t suitable. For instance, many people overwater chile. A plant originating from desert climates thrives on infrequent deep watering as opposed to light, continual watering.

Did you know the composition of the soil can affect the chile’s growth AND flavor? Chile grows best in well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH rating. If the soil holds moisture rather than letting it drain, it can weaken the roots and cause poor growth. Without proper growth, the plant can’t fruit to produce peppers. ‘Stressing’ a chile plant with high temperatures and restricted watering can actually increase the heat level.

This is How New Mexico Chile Became Famous

While chile is grown in places such as India and China, New Mexico chile is a specific cultivar of Capsicum annuum. The regional climate of southern New Mexico, soil composition and decades of cultural farming techniques all combine to produce the chile that the state is famous for. Geographical names, such as Hatch green chile, aren’t just pinpointing the region the chile originated. They provide a baseline for the product itself; when you buy Hatch green chile, you know the flavor, heat level and culinary usage you can get out of it.

The Chile Guy picks the product sources carefully, choosing to import chile powder, flakes and dried pods from locations known for quality. From India to local New Mexico farms, our range of chile is selected to take advantage of the quality that specific growing conditions create.