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Efficient Delivery from The Chile Guy 

Chiles, herbs and spices all have one thing in common: They are full of potent flavors that can be lost to improper storage. That’s why The Chile Guy takes such care to ensure your order is cared for properly right up to the moment it arrives on your door – and part of that process involves the flexibility to choose the perfect shipping method for your order.bulk-peppers

A Variety of Shipping Options

Since we handle orders of all sizes, we employ a variety of shipping methods. Smaller orders can be handled through common carriers such as UPS or the United States Postal Service.

We select the most cost effective and reliable way to get your product to you.  Little things can make a difference and do add up.  Freight is one of the great bugaboos of the food industry.  The cost of freight can add as much as a dollar per pound to the cost of a product.  We compare carrier costs and pick the best one for your order.  At first blush it may seem appropriate for example to use one national carrier over another, only to discover that the efficiencies are neutralized by extra fees for home delivery, or an odd box size or shape.

A couple of years ago the United States Post Office began offering “flat rate” boxes at set rates.  And they show up at residential addresses everyday without the extra fee.  On the other hand, reliability for “On-Time” delivery or tracking information might justify the extra cost from another carrier.   These things are “service” elements we consider when fulfilling your order.

As you know, The Chile Guy is well known for larger orders, scaling up to thousands of pounds and entire truckloads.  Regardless of the size of the order, the same cost-saving approach is used. We shop for the best shipping, both speed and price, and take the legwork out of it for you. Different carriers use different routes, and prices may flucuate even if the product is being delivered to the same city. UPS may charge less to deliver to Chicago than FedEx, and FedEx may charge less for delivery to Seattle. The Chile Guy’s approach to shipping orders means you don’t have to find the most cost-effective method; it’s done for you.

Keeping Things Fresh

Even for dry products freshness is the key to flavor, and we do our part to ensure your herbs, spices and chiles taste as potent as possible upon delivery.  Proper storage and packaging and efficient transportation provides your kitchen or manufacturing process the most potent, flavorful ingredients for your final product!

If you’re ordering frozen green chiles, these will be shipped to you in special freezer packaging, ensuring they remain frozen throughout the journey and arrive at your doorstep ready to thaw or store in your own freezer.

Just contact us today to learn more about our shipping prices and policies or to place an order!