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Freshness Year-Round With the Chile Guy

The freshness of your ingredients is the key to the success in any commercial kitchen. Whether you’re running a trendy restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall café or a food truck, the quality of the food you serve is tied directly to the freshness of ingredients.

When you serve cuisine with chile as a main ingredient, you run into a particular challenge. Whether you’re looking at New Mexico green chiles, Thai chiles or Indian ghost chiles, you discover the same thing: Chiles are only available fresh for a brief window of the year. That’s why the whole, dried chile pods and fresh-ground powders from The Chile Guy are so important.

Capturing Flavors at their Peak

The key to capturing the best flavor in our dried chiles is to harvest them at the peak of freshness and dry them quickly and carefully. This preserves the flavor and actually strengthens it, providing a burst of intensity when they’re incorporated into recipes.

We take this one step further when storing our chiles. We keep all of our dried chiles refrigerated to help them retain the oils essential to their flavor. Refrigeration keeps the chiles from absorbing any other flavors during storage, and it protects their flavor and potency for you.

Taste the Difference of Fresh, Quality Chiles

If you’ve never had a pure, fresh chile powder without fillers or dyes, you’re in for a treat. All of our products, from frozen chiles to whole pods, flakes and powders, are stored carefully to maintain optimum freshness. Bright, potent flavors are our trademark.

We rotate our inventory frequently to ensure that nothing stays on our shelf past its prime. Whether you’re ordering a few ounces or a few thousand pounds of chile, we’ll work with our distributors to accommodate the order from the freshest possible stock, not something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months.

Taste the difference when you order from The Chile Guy. Contact us today for more information or to place your order