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Ghost Chiles: The “Haute” Status of the World’s Hottest Chile

For years, habanero peppers sat at the top of the Scoville Chart as the hottest chiles in the world. Then, in 2007, the ghost chile emerged as the hottest known to man, topping out the chart at a whopping 1 million Scoville units.

Since then, a few specially-bred heirloom peppers have technically beaten the ghost chiles for top place in the Guinness Book of World Records, but as far as the general public is concerned, ghost chiles are still the hottest peppers you’re likely to ever encounter.

A Rising Fad

Although ghost peppers have grown in India and been used in local cuisine for centuries, they’ve only stepped into the spotlight here in the west during the last decade or so. The rise of competitive eating and shows like Man vs Food have cemented the ghost chile as something to be conquered, a rite of  passage or painful dare.

While it’s certainly true that eating a pure ghost chile can be a mark of a man’s courage – or at least his pain tolerance – there’s more to these blazingly hot peppers than meets the eye. Beneath the fire of their capsacin, these chiles have their own unique taste that can add a twist to recipes that normally use habaneros or scotch bonnets.

Give them a Try!

The Chile Guy sells pungent ghost chile powder by the ounce. This cocoa-colored powder is potent; just a pinch will bring serious heat to your dishes. Whether you’re creating a traditional Indian dish and need the ghost chile’s flavor for authenticity, or you’re offering haute cuisine to suit the thrill-seeking eater’s trend, we can provide you with premium hot chiles. Contact us today for ordering information!