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How to Properly Roast and Peel Green Chiles

Fall in New Mexico means the smell of green chile roasting, hot air balloons in the sky, and a change in the color of leaves. In New Mexico, we love roasted green chile and we put it on pretty much everything we eat, but do you know the right way to roast and peel green chile so you can bring out the best flavor? In this week’s blog, we discuss the proper way to roast green chile and peel it.

Roasting Green Chile

There are a few different methods one can use to roast a green chile with each producing delicious results. The most common methods of roasting green chile include:

  • Outdoor on the Grill: With this method you will need a very hot bbq pit, tongs, a damp dish towel and a large pot. You will want to puncture each green chile and place them on the grill, turning them frequently over the flames. As they begin to roast, the skin of the chiles will turn whitish and begin to blister. If they char a little, that is OK, but make sure there isn’t too much or you will overcook the chile. You will know they are overcooked if they appear yellow or brown in color after being peeled. After the chiles have blistered, place them in the pot with the damp towel over them. You can either freeze them and peel them later, or peel them now. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin when you peel.
  • In the Oven or Broiler: With this method you will want to set your oven or broiler to 450 degrees. Place the green chiles in the oven or broiler and turn them over every minute and a half. The chiles will blister and that is when you will remove them. This process takes around 7 minutes total in the oven, depending on your equipment.
  • On the Stove: With this method you will need a heavy pan on high heat. Place the green chiles in a single layer and roast them for about 10 minutes. You will want to turn them occasionally until the skin of the chiles blister.

If you decide to roast your green chiles in a pan on the stove or in the over or broiler, you will want to use straight, flat chiles to increase the surface area that is exposed to direct heat. When the green chiles are curled up tightly, it can make it difficult to roast them to the point of blistering.
If you do decide to freeze your chile after roasting it, leave the skin on. This helps the peppers last longer and the skin will come off easily when you thaw it. Freeze them within a day of roasting or eat them within a day of thawing to avoid bacteria.

Peeling Green Chile

You will want to peel your green chiles after you have roasted them or thawed them from the freezer. With this step you simply use your hands and fingers. If you have sensitive skin, or any cuts, you will want to wear gloves to avoid any reactions. The blistered skin should easily come off the pepper.
After peeling, cut the stem off, slice the chile down its length and remove the seeds and membrane. Now you can chop the chile for use in salsas, stews, cheeseburgers and more. If you want to make a delicious chile relleno, leave the stem and stuff the pepper after removing the seeds.
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