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Kosher-Certified Chile Products at The Chile Guy

For The Chile Guy, quality is everything.  We’re proud of the chiles we sell, and we’re confident that they’re some of the best and most flavorful chiles you’ll ever encounter. To maintain this high standard of quality, we have a few strict quality-control measures:

  • All of our products are FDA certified
  • All powders and flakes are milled right here at our store with professional oversight
  • All of our products are Kosher certified

This last one is especially important to us because Kosher isn’t just a marker of quality – for many of our customers, it’s a way of life.

What Does it Mean to be Kosher-Certified?

When you browse food labels, you may sometimes see a “K” on the label. This means that the food item is marked “kosher” and is safe to eat under Rabbinical law. It also generally means that the food is of high quality, because kosher laws can be quite strict.

In order for a food to be kosher, all of the parts that go into it must be certified as kosher. In other words, our Kosher-Certified chile powders, flakes and pods are a flavorful base for your kosher dishes.

Taste the Difference

Our quality ingredients have been reviewed several times before they get to you. From the FDA and Kosher Certification authorities to our own in-house chile experts, the ingredients that arrive at your door are sure to be the absolute best in quality.

Contact us today to learn more or to make an order for bulk chile, herbs or spices.