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Save On Shipping With Bulk Orders

Restaurants, contrary to popular belief, don’t make an enormous profit. With employee payroll, sales taxes, insurance, rent, food costs and more to be paid, the money that actually comes into a restaurant is pretty much earmarked for a bill the moment it exchanges hands. This means that handling food costs– everything from shipping to buying in season– is important to the health of a restaurant. The Chile Guy has worked with chefs, restaurant owners and more for years; he knows the importance of saving money.

Why Bulk Orders?

Ordering in bulk, when done wisely, reduces the amount of money spent in the long run on ingredients. Having a fresh, high-quality chile powder readily at hand could mean a night where a spicy signature dish is ordered repeatedly. High volume means a higher profit margin if you’ve paid attention to your food costs. If you have to order additional frozen green chile in a rush order to meet demand, you’re going to end up paying more for shipping.

Bulk orders usually involve a lower cost per unit. They also provide more product, meaning you won’t have to order as often. Ordering in bulk ahead of time lets you choose the most cost-effective shipping method without risking running out of a key ingredient.

Quantity and Value Work Together

With bulk orders, the Chile Guy provides any amount of product you need whether its 5 pounds or 5,000 with an eye to saving you freight costs. By utilizing all of the available general freight methods— the United States Post Office, United Parcel Service, and Federal Express —the Chile Guy can gather a range of cost quotes and select the best price and delivery for your specific order.

There are no inflated shipping costs, nor do you have to meet a certain ‘weight limit’ in order to get the bulk order you need. Contact us today to see what bulk offers we can help you select!