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The Versatility of Chile

One of the reasons chile is popular worldwide for adding to cuisine is how versatile it really is. With different grades of heat and a variety of flavors, it has the added bonus of being usable in a wide range of forms. Powder, flakes, dried, fresh, crushed, whole—chile can be added to any savory dish, with or without seeds.

Fresh or Dried

Hatch green chile is one of the signature flavors of New Mexico, and when you want a touch of heat and flavor to a dish, it’s a wonderful addition fresh. (Or frozen and thawed! Green chile can be frozen and thawed without losing its flavor.) What if you want to keep your chile for a while and use it in dishes throughout the year?

Dried chile can be turned into crushed chile flakes or chile powder or even used whole in a dish as it cooks to infuse flavor. With dried chile pods, they can be used as they are or rehydrated, depending on the recipe being followed. If you want access to the chile seeds for extra heat, dried chile includes that with the ability to make a quick chile powder.

Flakes or Powders

A powder provides a different flavor than a flake and the texture that each imparts to the dish is different. Powders are best for long-cooked dishes to avoid giving a jarring, raw spice taste. Flakes are useful in dishes when you need a specific amount of dried chile and you don’t have the time to clean, de-seed and grind whole dried chiles.

A commercial kitchen may not have the space to store enough dried chile pods to make their own fresh chile flakes or powders. The Chile Guy has fresh, high-quality chile powders and flakes available year-round, as well as whole fresh and dried chiles. Explore the versatility of this ingredient and learn why it’s one of the most popular choices in the world.