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Why Do We Refrigerate Dried Chiles?

Frozen Bulk Green ChileWhen you need high-quality dried chile, you need it now, not when harvesting season is in full swing. One of the ways that the Chile Guy makes sure to meet your needs is by thinking ahead. Chile harvests are not coincidental with needs for your business or restaurant. As you know Chile is dried to keep it fresh and marketable for a longer period of time than just the harvest season. But even in its dry format, Chile needs to be stored properly to insure its freshness and marketability.

Any Chile at Any Time

Habanero isn’t readily available in November, and cilantro is hard to come by in February. By loading up on chile as it comes into season and refrigerating it, the Chile Guy is able to have fresh chile from Cascabel to Onza all year round.

Why don’t we freeze all our chile? Dried chile still maintains a small amount of moisture.
would cause the water to expand and damage the chile itself. This changes the essential “ingredient” into something more difficult to work with and quite possibly change the flavor profile into something you hadn’t bargained for. That is why we rate the dry pods as shelf stable in temperatures up to 75 degrees for up to 120 days. But we recommend a “cool dry” environment for all dry chile product storage. Every living thing has water in it.

Preserving the Flavor

Even dried chile is subject to losing flavor if we don’t store it properly. By refrigerating it, we avoid exposing it to sunlight which can cause deterioration in flavor (photodegradation.) This also keeps it away from excessive humidity. Refrigerated dried chile maintains the flavor and freshness without risking spoilage.

The whole reason to preserve chile is so it can be enjoyed at anytime anywhere not just in the Southwest. The Chile Guy’s dried chile are kept refrigerated to preserve flavor and integrity. This gives you consistent quality with any purchase from our array of dried chile, and the size of your order doesn’t matter. If you order 5 pounds or 50000 pounds, you’ll get the same carefully selected and preserved dried chile.

We can even help you pick just the right chile! Contact us and we can help you choose the right chile and the right preparation that’ll help you put a kick in the kitchen.