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Why Doesn’t the Chile Guy Sell Chimayo Chile?

You don’t want to pay for a brand name. You want to pay for quality, especially when it comes to something that’s as important as the chile you serve in your restaurant. Brand names mean mass production, not quality flavor or freshness. The Chile Guy specifically sells New Mexican chile; a brand that doesn’t match his demand for quality isn’t going to be sold.

‘Chimayo’ Chile

The New Mexico Green Chile Advertising Act, passed in 2011, was passed to prevent false advertising of chile as New Mexican if it isn’t. What this law doesn’t apply to is businesses who were in existence prior to 2011.

Not all chile labeled as ‘Chimayo’ is grown in New Mexico.  Chimayo is a town in Northern New Mexico about 25 miles north of Santa Fe.  It is in the hills leading up to the Sangre De Christo (Blood of Christ)Mountains which are part of Rocky Mountain Chains.  It is approximately 350 miles north of the Hatch Valley in Southern New Mexico.  This change in latitude dictates a shorter growing season and smaller yields for all crops including Chile.  Chimayo became famous for its small very “red” and uniquely flavored Chile because of famed Chile Author Mark Miller who founded the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe and wrote “The Great Chile Book” among others and is famous for his recipes.  Some included “Chimayo” Chile.

And, while it is possible that all the Chile Powder sold in Chimayo is advertised “Chimayo” it is possible that it might be grown and manufactured somewhere else. In the Chile business it is not possible to sell or advertise the name “Chimayo” without purchasing a license to do so regardless of where the Chile is grown so naming conventions are more of a marketing vehicle rather than an actual designation for source.

Since the “Chimayo” variety is always sold as powder it is purity of the Chile in color and lack of foreign material i.e. seeds and stems that makes the Chimayo brand stand out among aficionados.  Because of that The Chile Guy sells Chile powder based on that criteria rather than on location unless the growing location can be verified.  Today for example though De-seeded and De-stemmed Chile Powder is available there is not Chile from Chimayo, though there is no difference in color, purity or heat.

Think of the last glass of Champagne you had.  Did it come from the Champagne region of France or did it come from Sonoma Australia?  Did the bottle say “Champagne” or did it say “Sparkling Wine?”  Did you see the bottle or did someone just hand you a glass and say it was Champagne?  Would you know or taste the difference?  Did it matter?  Maybe just when you paid for Champagne but got Sparkling Wine?  Just saying…

Home-Grown QualityChilli Peppers

Rather than take risks with quality, the Chile Guy has a different option available for restaurants who want the New Mexico chile flavor. Authentic New Mexican grown Hatch red chile is available in pods and powders, mild or hot. The Hatch red chile ranges from 500-1,000 (mild) to 1,500-2,500 (hot) Scoville Heat Units. You won’t lose any color, heat or flavor by opting for Hatch red chile.

Everything the Chile Guy stocks for you is guaranteed to be an authentic product, not a corporate name. Learn more about what other chile products we have in stock and contact us