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What is Capsicum?Chiles get their heat from capsaicin, an all-natural chemical.

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Capsicum refers to the family of plants to which the chile pepper belongs. Capsicums range from sweet bell peppers to searing Habaneros.

Capsaicin—A Natural Pain Killer

The chemical that produces the sharp pungency of most capsicums is called capsaicin. Capsaicin is an interesting, naturally-produced chemical. It not only makes a chile hot, but boosts your metabolism and can be quite addicting—oddly enough.
By providing the sensation of heat, capsaicin tells the brain “I’m on fire!” The brain responds by sending endorphins to relieve the pain produced by the capsaicin. It is this pain-killing, self-produced drug that gets people hooked on the blistering heat of capsicums.

How Capsaicin is Used

A variety of pain killing products now include capsaicin in their list of ingredients. Many analgesic rubs and creams highlight the ingredient as the basis of their “pain killing” solution. The more capsaicin, the more heat—and the more the brain tries to put out the fire by sending endorphins. The more endorphins the better you feel so let’s have Chile for every meal! The only other way I am familiar within in the natural production of endorphins by the body is long distance running or biking. Eating Chile is a much more pleasing method of endorphin production.

Hundreds of Capsaicin producing Capsicums

There are literally hundreds of varieties of capsicums produced throughout the world; some of the more well-known capsicums include: Jamaican chile, Chipotle (Smoked Jalapenos) chile, Guajillo chile, Ancho chile and Habanero chile or New Mexico Chile. And The Chile Guy can provide you with the information you need to choose the best type and format of chile for your application.

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