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The Chile Guy Products List*Subject to Change – Call for Questions and Pricing*

Whole Dry Chiles Chile Powder
Aji Amarillo Aji Amarillo
Aji Cereza Aji Limo
Aji Limo Aji Panca
Aji Mirasol Ancho
Aji Panca Dark Ancho
Aji Pinquita de Mono Chipotle
Ancho De Arbol
Ancho Stemless De Arbol 100 SKU
Cascabel De Arbol Green 100 SKU
Cascabelita (little Cascabel) Green Tabasco
Tepin Red Tabasco
Chipotle Morita Guajillo
Chipotle Morita w/o stem Habanero
Chipotle Meco Jalapeno Green
De Arbol Mulato
De Arbol w/o stem NM Green Powder (Mild)
Guajillo NM Red Powder (Mild)
Guajillo w/o stem NM Pure De-Stemmed and De-Seeded (Hot)
Habanero NM Destemmed
Hungarian Cherry Negro Pasilla
Japones Rocoto
Green Japones Paprikka
Mulato Kimshi
Negro Pasilla Paprikka (140+ ASTA)
Negro Pasilla Stemless Paprika (Spanish)
New Mexico-Mild Frozen Green Chile
New Mexico-Mild Stemless 25 # Box NM Hot Chopped
New Mexico-Hot 10 # Box NM Hot Chopped
Onza-Rojo 25 # Box NM X Hot Chopped
Pasilla de Oaxaca 10 # Box NM X Hot Chopped
Pasilla de Oaxaca Pulpa 25 # Box NM Rellenos Mild
Pequin 25 # Box NM XX Hot Chopped
Puya/Pulla Spices & Condiments & Special Items
Serrano Seco Achiote
Annato Seeds
Ghost Chile Black Pepper Ground
Black Pepper Whole
Chile Flakes Blue Corn Meal/Atole
Ancho Bay Leaves
Chipotle Morita Canela/Cinnamon 3″ or 5″
Guajillo Cinnamon (Ground/molido)
Habanero Chamomile/Manzanilla
Hot Crushed Chile Chocolate Mexican
Hot Crushed Chile XXX Hot Cilantro Seed/Coriander
New Mexico Mild Cilantro Flakes
New Mexico Hot Corn Husk 10 in. Enconchada
New Mexico Green Flakes Corn Husk Enconchada (bag)
Corn Husk Enconchada 22/ 1 lb.
Cumin Ground
Cumin Whole
Epazote Powder
Garlic Powder
Garlic Granules
Garlice Flakes (Large)
Mexican Oregano Whole
Mexican Oregano Powder
Piloncillo 1″ or 3″
Tamarindo Pods
Menudo Mix
Taco Seasoning
White Posole (New Mexico)

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