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Bulk Chiles and Spices

The Chile Guy is the one place to go for all your wholesale and individual chile and chile-based spice products. No matter what you need or in what quantity you need it, you can find it in The Chile Guy Market.

Our Variety of Chile Products

Whether you are in your own kitchen or you serve the commercial world through a restaurant or prepared food product, you are striving for the top in ingredients. In chile peppers, it is not just heat that defines the quality of a pepper. The Chile Guy buys peppers all over the world and the selection criteria include: Heat, Color, Flavor, Freshness and, often overlooked, Cleanliness. That dedication to quality in all categories is what separates The Chile Guy from other sources you may have tried.
Many companies sell peppers as an extension of a spice business. At The Chile Guy, peppers are the primary focus of the business. No restaurant or specialty food product is based on salt and pepper or garlic, but, if peppers are the heart of your business or product, you owe it to your customers to offer them the best. That’s why you’re here! So if you are looking for the best pepper product in the format you want, here it is!

If infusing your recipes with chiles or chile-based spices is new to you, contact us. We can help you find the right product for your needs.
Our chile products are sold in a number of formats and are packed in sizes to accommodate your needs. If you need a truckload of peppers or if you need one pound, The Chile Guy can accommodate your needs.

Buying Your Chile Products

The Chile Guy makes it easy to get the chile products you need when you need them. Our online ordering system is fast and user-friendly, and we accept most major credit cards. We work hard behind the scenes to find the shipping methods that provide the shipping speed you need at the best rate possible.
The Shopping Cart offers the most popular types and sizes of the most widely used peppers. The quantities are packaged and priced for bulk consumption, but it is by no means the end to our product offerings or the amount of chile you can buy! If you don’t see what you want in the size you want, give us a call at 800.869.9218 or email us.  We will work with you on your application and business to get what you want, what you need at the most competitive prices in the market.
For the highest quality chile products from around the world, contact The Chile Guy.

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