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Chipotle Pepper Flakes

When it comes to commercial chipotle applications, you can trust in The Chile Guy’s wide selection of flakes, powders, and whole peppers. Known for their intense smoky flavor and aroma, chipotle peppers are sourced from smoked and dried jalapenos.

Because we understand that commercial customers have very high standards when it comes to ingredients, we take great care when creating our chipotle pepper flakes. We invite you to check out our selection of chipotles to see the quality for yourself.

Types of Chipotle Peppers

There are actually two distinct types of chipotle peppers: Morita and Meco. Here’s how each type can impact the flavor of your recipes:

  • Meco (or Brown) Chipotle –  Wildly popular in Mexico, this pepper imparts a hot, robust, smoky flavor to dishes. Meco was originally smoked using cactus wood, which imbued it with a highly unique flavor profile.
  • Morita Chipotle – Meaning “small purple chile” in Spanish, Morita peppers are known for their chocolatey flavor that includes just a hint of tobacco.

The type of wood used to smoke chipotle peppers also differs, which imbues each with its own unique flavor. As for heat, The Chile Guy ranks them a 5 on our 0 to 10 hotness scale. That makes chipotles a medium chile when it comes to intensity.

Things to Consider About Texture

In addition to heat levels, the texture of our products is another important factor to consider. When it comes to our pepper flakes, you can expect a coarser texture as compared to our finely ground powders. This coarser texture results from changes to the grinding method used when processing our dried jalapenos.

The Chile Guy Can Fulfill All Your Commercial Pepper Needs

When purchasing products from us, you can expect the finest quality chipotles available. We also offer a variety of products, whether recipes call for dried chipotle peppers, powders, or flakes. We hand select chiles, which are FDA inspected and Kosher-certified, to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to heat, color, and purity.

Contact us for more information about our products or check out our selection of chiles today.