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Chipotle Pepper FlakesOur pepper flakes have the best flavor and texture.

Chipotle peppers are smoked and dried Jalapenos. Lending a strong, smoky taste and aroma to your recipes, The Chile Guy’s Chipotles come in whole peppers, powders, and flakes to meet the variety of your commercial chile application needs.

Types of Chipotles

There are two types of Chipotle peppers, Morita and Meco, each of which impart a distinct flavor to your dish:

Meco (or Brown)

Popular in Mexico, the Chipotle Meco possesses a mild, sweet taste. This chile is brown in color and is a large, full grown Jalapeno.


The Morita Jalapeno (i.e., “little blackberry” in Spanish) is smaller than the Meco and is about the size of your thumb. It turns purple when smoked and imparts a tobacco, chocolate flavor that is popular in Southwestern and Mexican dishes.

These two types of Jalapeno are smoked using different types of wood, infusing them each with their own distinctive flavor. Ranking a 5 on The Chile Guy’s 0-10 heat scale, the Chipotle is a medium chile in terms of heat.

When Texture Matters!

Chipotle pepper flakes are made by coarsely grinding smoked, dried jalapenos. The Chile Guy’s Chipotle pepper flakes are a good alternative when you want a coarser texture than fine Chipotle powder for your commercial application. Talk to The Chile Guy about the Chipotle: the #1 flavor profile in North America!

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At The Chile Guy, we provide the highest quality Chipotle chile in the format you need (flakes, powder or dried Chipotle peppers) to enhance your culinary creation! All of our chiles are hand-selected by The Chile Guy for flavor, heat, color and purity so that you get the best chile for your commercial application at the best price. All of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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