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Hungarian Chile Peppers

Hungarian chile peppers have been cultivated in Hungary since the 16th century when it is believed the Turks brought these pungent little capsicums to the country. Since that time, Hungary has been known for producing some savory little peppers, ranging from paprika to cherry peppers.


A symbol of Hungarian cuisine, paprika is a versatile little pepper that ranges in pungency from mild to hot. Depending on the pepper, paprika may be a muted red, bright red or even brown; typically, the brightest colored paprika yields the highest heat. Paprika is commonly used as a powder, but may also be used as a whole pod in salads and soups.

Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers

If you’re looking for hot Hungarian chile peppers, Hungarian wax peppers are your best bet. These yellow peppers provide a medium-hot heat and look like the mild banana pepper. Hungarian wax peppers are used in a variety of recipes for salads, marinades and more.

Hungarian Cherry Peppers

Hungarian cherry peppers are beautiful little chiles that spice up a dish visually and gastronomically. They get their name because they’re round and bright red—like a cherry! You will most often see these chiles used decoratively on a salad plate or as a garnish on other savory dishes. Cherry peppers are not hot Hungarian chile peppers, but add a mild zest to chosen applications.

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Whether you are looking for hot Hungarian chile peppers to spice up a recipe or a mild Hungarian cherry pepper to use as a garnish, The Chile Guy can supply all of your commercial chile needs. By purchasing chiles when they’re in season and plentiful, we’re able to pass on incredible savings to commercial buyers without sacrificing quality. In fact, we offer only premium, Grade A chile that is hand selected by the country’s leading commercial chile purveyor. No artificial dyes or additives—just pure chile. All of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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