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Dried Ancho Chile PeppersDried ancho chiles are sourced from poblano peppers.

Brownish-black and wrinkled, Ancho chiles are one of the most commonly used and versatile chile peppers. Ancho chiles are the dried form of Poblano peppers and impart a Paprika-like sweet flavor with a tinge of earthiness and a warm flavor profile.


A staple in Mexican moles and tamales, dried Ancho chile peppers add a rich color and flavor to any dish. Part of the “Holy Trinity” of Mexican chile peppers—along with the Guajillo and the Pasilla—the Ancho chile is popular for use in everything from ball-park chili dogs to chile rellenos because of its mild heat and savory flavor.


Many Mexican recipes make use of Ancho chiles for heat and spice and to lend a distinctively sweet—but piquant—kick to a traditional dish. If you want to impart an authentic Mexican flavor to your food, use our whole pods for flavor and/or our Ancho chile powder for seasoning.


Obtaining dried chiles may be more economical than purchasing fresh chile peppers because dried Ancho chiles are easier to transport and to store. When you are ready to use your Ancho chiles, rehydrate them by soaking them in water. They will plump up for you to use in your authentic Mexican dish!

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