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Mexican Chile

Types of Mexican Chiles

Mexico has the largest chile market in the world—and the majority of the chiles provided from The Chile Guy come from here. There are many types of Mexican chiles that can be used to accomplish different gastronomic goals for commercial applications. Below is some brief information and history of Mexican chili peppers:


Guajillo chiles are similar to Anaheim chiles and belong to the paprika family. The region where this chile is grown gives it a distinct flavor profile that’s a little hotter and a little sweeter than other Anaheim chiles.

De Arbol

De Arbols are like a Cayenne pepper; they have a very high heat profile with very little distinctive flavor. These chiles are inexpensive and popular because they are so prolific and won’t overpower other flavors you want to highlight in your commercial application.


Jalapenos are commonly grown in Mexico. They are a moderately hot chile that are frequently used fresh, roasted and pickled. This popular chile is used to spice up a variety of cuisines from around the world.


Chipotle peppers are smoked Jalapenos. The two main types of Jalapenos used to create Chipotles are the Morita (a small jalapeno that’s about the size of your thumb) and the Meco (a larger, full grown jalapeno). Chipotle has become ubiquitous in American food products—and the flavor profile once found only in fine Mexican restaurants is now touted in ketchups, salsas and salad dressings.


This stout little chile is one of the hottest in the world! But it doesn’t sacrifice flavor for heat. With a savory fruity flavor, the Habanero is used in many different types of cuisines to enhance the flavor of a dish.


Poblanos are mild chile peppers that are among the most popular grown and used in Mexico. When dried, it is called an Ancho.


Hotter than the Jalapeno, but milder than the Habanero, Serrano chiles add a nice, crisp flavor and kick to many recipes. This thin-skinned chile comes from the Spanish word for “foothills” and obtained its name because it is believed to have originated in the hilly region of Puebla.

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