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New Mexican Chile Powder

Our New Mexican chili powder is made from the finest, most authentic New Mexican chiles. Since we do not use additives, preservatives, or blends, you can rest assured that you are flavoring your dishes with pure New Mexican chile. Possessing a unique flavor profile that invokes the parched, but beautiful landscape in which it is grown, bulk New Mexican chile powder adds a unique flavor to traditional Southwestern cuisine.

Red or Green?

The New Mexican chile is actually an Anaheim chile, though it retains the distinctive flavor and heat of New Mexico. New Mexico chiles come in two types—red and green. The Chile Guy is proud to provide high quality New Mexico bulk chile powders in both varieties for commercial buyers:

Red Chile

Our red chile is the fully ripened version of the Anaheim chile. Our red chile powder is made from finely ground, de-seeded, and de-stemmed, dried New Mexico red chile pods. Bright scarlet in color and earthy in flavor, our red chile powders can be used in traditional red chile sauces to create an authentic New Mexican flair in your commercial application. Our red chile powder will provide your recipe with a special zing that separates you from the rest!

Green Chile

Green chile is a local New Mexican favorite ranging from mild to medium heat (or 2-4 on The Chile Guy’s 0-10 heat scale). Our dried green chile powder can be used to make a great sauce, or used to flavor soups and stews. The green chile is sweeter than the New Mexico red chile and imparts a savory, lingering heat. Talk to The Chile Guy to get New Mexican green chile in the format you need for your commercial application!

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The Chile Guy has been providing the world with quality, natural chiles since 1993. As the country’s leading purveyor of chile, The Chile Guy offers only the finest, freshest, flavorful chile from around the world—at the best wholesale prices! All of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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