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Red Chile Powder

Southwestern and Mexican cuisine are more popular than ever these days thanks to the bold and vibrant spices used in recipes. However, you can use spices like red chile powder to enhance all sorts of dishes, even those that don’t hail from Mexico and the Southwest.

Here at The Chile Guy, we’re so proud of our extensive spice collection. This includes a wide assortment of red chiles, which can be ground down into a fine powder to add to all sorts of recipes. Here are a few of our favorite red chiles and what makes them so unique:

New Mexico

New Mexico red chiles is so uniquely Southwest, which makes it a must when preparing authentic Mexican recipes. We recommend it for sauces, salsas, soups, stews, enchiladas, meat rubs, and so many other dishes.

De Arbol

Measuring between 15,000 and 30,000 units on the Scoville scale and a 7 on The Chile Guy’s 0 to 10 heat scale, De Arbol peppers have a similar spice profile to Cayenne peppers. That means they’re perfect for Cajun cooking and its palate-pleasing heat.


A beloved pepper in America, chipotle powder can be derived from jalapenos using two methods. Chipotle Morita comes from a small ripened jalapeno, while chipotle Meco comes from green unripened jalapenos. In addition to powders, we also provide chipotle whole peppers and flakes for use in all types of recipes and preparations.


Part of the sacred Holy Trinity of Mexican peppers (which also includes Chipotle and Guajillo), Ancho red chile powder is derived from dried Ancho peppers. It’s best known for its earthy, slightly sweet flavor profile.

Negro Pasilla

Another member of the Holy Trinity, Negro Pasilla is a staple of Mexican sauces and moles. While relatively light on heat, Negro Pasilla imparts a rich, earthy flavor that has notes of chocolate and raisins.

The Chile Guy takes great care when processing our powders. All our chiles are de-stemmed prior to being pulverized and processed within our very own mill. We also provide de-seeded powders upon request.

When you purchase chile powders from us, you can rest assured the product meets the highest level of quality standards. We include no artificial dyes or additives and use only the finest chiles available. Our products are also FDA inspected and Kosher-certified.

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