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Specialty Chile Products

Uncompromising chefs demand the highest quality ingredients for their foods. When your dishes call for any level of kick from whole dried, flake or powder chile peppers, you can get the best from The Chile Guy.

What Makes our “Specialty” Chile Products “Special” Chile Products

Not all commercial pepper products are special, but the variety, quality and cleanliness of all peppers offered by The Chile Guy makes them special.
There are chile products from The Chile Guy that do truly qualify as “specialty” products because they are rare, hard to find or generally unknown. They can be rare, such as Pasilla de Oaxaca, or pack a super-heat punch like Ghost Chile (from India), and they can have a corresponding price tag.  But in the world of commercial peppers, they may be just what you need to differentiate a dish, a finished product or your restaurant’s menu. However, peppers are ubiquitous and used in almost every culture and cuisine on the planet. Not all chile is expensive, and it does not take a “specialty” pepper to make a burrito that can’t be beaten.
We carefully source our chiles from growers and markets in our home state of New Mexico and all pepper markets worldwide.
In the U.S. and globally, the Southwestern United States, notably the Chile Capital of the United States, New Mexico is famous for its implementation of chile into a unique and delicious cuisine based on New Mexico Red and Green Chile.
But, various regions of Mexico, Central and South America and Asia are also famous for their own unique implementation. We are one of the only suppliers that offer rare (particularly in the US) chile varieties in bulk quantities for commercial use peppers like:

Every chile product sold by The Chile Guy is made solely from the pepper specified. So, when you order ancho powder, you get powder made from only Ancho chiles. Likewise, Habanero flakes only contain Habanero peppers. Like all products sold by us, the selection for the best in color, heat and flavor is carried into the different formats we offer.
Another advantage of buying from The Chile Guy is getting the correct amount for your project or restaurant. We buy in bulk so we can sell in bulk and pass the savings onto you. We package our products in a variety of popular sizes, but our online selection is by no means the only amounts we offer. You may buy a 12 oz. bag to test or as a sample, but if you need a truckload or a pallet, just call us at 800.869.9218 or email us to let us know what you need.

Finding the Right Chile for Your Specialty Application

The Chile Guy carries chile products that range in heat levels (from mild to very hot) and texture. If you are new to chile products or are just beginning to experiment with ways to add kick to your signature dishes, we can help you find the right chile pepper varieties and processed form (whole, flakes or powder) for your application.
Please contact us with your questions.

Stretch Your Specialty Chile Budget

Not the least of your concerns when buying products online or from a remote seller in New Mexico is the cost in getting that product to your location. To that end, we offer bulk chile supplies and wholesale pricing, and we work with all major shipping and freight carriers to find the best rates for your order delivery.

Call 800.869.9218 to order your specialty chile products today!

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