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Benefits of Dry Chile

Saving money on shipping means you can get more chile!

Every business is looking for ways to minimize costs while maximizing profits. One of the most common ways that businesses miss out on savings is on shipping and storage costs. When you’re in the restaurant or food distribution business, you can’t afford to pay to ship and store something you don’t need. Purchasing dry chile products is a way to eliminate these unnecessary costs because it is:

The Most Economical Way to Ship Chile

Let’s say that you were interested in purchasing 1,000 pounds of bulk fresh green chile. You’d not only be paying to purchase the fresh green chile, you’d also be paying for the water that is contained in the chile. And water is heavy and expensive to package and ship.  Further, because it is “fresh” produce, you would need specially designed containers and refrigerated trucks to move the product from it southwestern source to somewhere in the U.S.  The further the distance, the more expensive your load. You shouldn’t have to pay for what you don’t need. By purchasing dry chile products, you have the ability to ship only the product you need at a much more economical price.

Easy to Store and Offers the Longest Shelf Life

If you took that same 1,000 pounds of fresh green chile and stored it, the space requirements to store the product properly (usually refrigerated or frozen) would be enormous. And fresh chile only stays good for a week, longer if refrigerated or frozen. Freezing chile, particularly roasted green chile from New Mexico is a recent development (less than 100 years).

If you are unable to use all of the chile before it goes bad, you’ve used up a large amount of perfectly good space for a product that cost more than you were able to make with it. Dry chile takes up much less room and has an indefinite shelf life that can be used whenever you need it until you need to order more.  Nearly 90 percent of the fresh product is water. So your 1,000 pounds would translate to just over 100 pounds of it dry equivalent.

And whether you need 10 pounds of bulk dried chile powder or 10,000, The Chile Guy has hand selected product at wholesale prices. We can ship anywhere in the world! Check out our wide selection of dried bulk chile products online or call us at 1-866-768-7865 with questions about our product or the ordering process.

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