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Day of the Dead Cuisine

Chile and tradition make the perfect pair!

November is more than just a month to remember all that we are thankful for; it’s also important because of the celebration of the Day of the Dead. In the restaurant and food distribution industries, the Day of the Dead marks an important opportunity to celebrate culture through food.

About the Day of the Dead

Traditionally, the Day of the Dead has been a day reserved to honor relatives and friends who have passed away. Marigolds and sugar skulls line roads and honors built in memorial on November 1st and 2nd. This day is an important day of remembrance and family activities for people all over the world.

History of the Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead falls on October 31st, just like Halloween. Halloween is the eve of November 1, or All Saints Day, in the Catholic Church. Although they fall on the same day, the celebration of Day of the Dead had religious origins and pre-dates Halloween. The Day of the Dead is still a very important holiday in much of the world. Basically, Halloween is commercial version of Hallowed Eve!

Day of the Dead Chile

The traditional Mexican dish, mole, is prepared regularly throughout the year, but consumption increases around the Day of the Dead due to increased cultural celebrations. In order to make mole, recipes always call for chile, such as:

A traditional Mexican chile, the mulato is similar to the Ancho, but reddish brown in color. The Chile Guy offers mulatto in whole pods and powder.

With its earthy flavor and mild heat, the ancho chile is often used as a base for the mole. The Chile Guy offers ancho in powder, dried whole pods and flakes.

Negro Pasilla
A mild to medium flavor adds a little heat to any mole or Mexican sauce. The Chile Guy offers negro pasilla chile in dried whole pods or powder.

In addition, the famous Chihuacles (particularly the Chihuacle Negro) and the Pasilla de Oaxaca are used in some mole recipes. Can’t get Chihuacle Negro?  They are rare and expensive and not grown commercially. You can get them by buying ready-made mole from Oaxaca sold in small 8 oz. containers or food service 10 lb. buckets. You just add broth and some of your own flavor enhancers, more chile or nuts and you have a mole! You also might want to add Oaxacan Chocolate to your own mole recipe.  All available from The Chile Guy!

To make authentic Mexican mole, you need a variety of chile that might be harder to find in some parts of the United States or world. That’s where The Chile Guy comes in.

About The Chile Guy Services

The Chile Guy is your expert worldwide chile selector, provider and distributor. You can even repackage the chile and distribute our chile as you see fit. Whether you choose to put the chile directly into a menu item or distribute it to your food service partners, you can count on us to deliver the best quality product. Visit our shopping cart or call us for more information.

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