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Product of the Month: The Ghost Chile

The heat is worth the flavor!
The heat is worth the flavor!

The ghost chile. The scorpion pepper. The bhut jokolia. Whatever you call it, the ghost chile is widely known as one of the hottest peppers in the world with a Scoville heat rating of approximately 1 million. To put that in perspective, the spicy Habanero fits on the scale from 150,000 to 300,000. If you want a pepper that will light up any dish or recipe, the ghost chile is sure to please.

What Makes the Ghost Chile So Desirable?

People love the heat that chile adds to a plate. Some people even say that they won’t enjoy a traditionally spicy dish unless it makes their eyes water! Capsaicin, the chemical that gives the chile the burning hot sensation, is what makes the ghost chile so hot. But if it were just about heat, people would just buy capsaicin oil (at 10 million SKUs) and call it a day.

That means the ghost chile is desirable for more than just heat. It’s desirable because people are into flavor and fun. It’s fun to eat ghost chile because you know you’re going to survive the encounter. With even a small amount of pure capsaicin oil, people have been known to go into shock!

Why Consider the Ghost Chile

So, what’s in it for a business that wants to by the hottest chile in the world? There are a few reasons to consider the ghost chile, including:

Their addictive qualities

Because the ghost chile is hot due to the high concentration of capsaicin, the pepper actually has addictive qualities, making it desirable to people who enjoy eating spicy food. The presence of capsaicin triggers your brain to release endorphins, which in turn ease the burning pain of the pepper. The more you are exposed to the pain relief effects of the endorphins, the more you’ll crave it. The more people that crave the spice, the more people that will be hooked on your food!

The way they make customers crave other items

Everyone knows that lactic acid neutralizes the heat of the capsaicin in the ghost chile. But not a lot of people know that alcohol has the same neutralizing qualities. So by offering a super-hot chile to your customers, you’re also directing them to buy more products from you, such as ice cream or alcohol.

With the ghost chile, a little goes a long way. You don’t need much of it to set someone’s mouth on fire. More heat in less product means you’ll be able to store this easily and can use a single order for more than what you’d get out of ancho powder or habanero powder.

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