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The Chile Guy’s Tips to Saving Money in the Commercial Kitchen

Running a commercial kitchen whether at a restaurant, a food processor or for a distributer can be expensive. You have to factor in time, labor, products and more and hope for an outcome at the end of each shift that leaves you some extra revenue. The Chile Guy understands the cost it takes to run a commercial kitchen and that is why he makes all of his chile products with your revenue-earning potential in mind.
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Save Money on Labor

There are many ways to cut back on labor costs and one of the best ways is to reduce the time it takes for food prep. Food prep in a commercial kitchen for one meal service (breakfast, dinner, lunch) can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours depending on the kitchen and the types of dishes you create. With our best-kept secrets and chile products, you can potentially cut that time in half, boosting your revenues and cutting your labor costs. Here’s how:

De-stemmed Chiles: Ordering bulk chile de-stemmed from The Chile Guy can potentially save your kitchen up to 10 percent on labor costs. This saves your kitchen time from having to de-seed and de-stem chiles (a long, laborious process) so your best sauces and purees are made in no time!


Pure Chile Powders: Our pure chile powders are used for a number of applications in the commercial kitchen. Because they are pure without any additives or coloring, your dishes receive a full flavor that accents your dish and plays on its best features. We can help you select the best chile powders to meet your heat needs and flavor index.


Dehydrated Chiles: The Chile Guy knows that the cost of products spoiling or going bad can cause a deficit in your earning potential as a commercial kitchen. Our dehydrated and dried chiles are high-quality and have the potential to stay fresh for months, giving your dishes the flavor they seek no matter the season.

The Chile Guy prepares chile products using our own mill ensuring quality, rigorous inspections. All of our chile products are 100% Kosher and FDA approved and inspected guaranteeing your commercial kitchen doesn’t have to skimp on flavor or freshness to lower costs. We ship all of our products virtually anywhere and everywhere in the world in the most efficient and economic way possible, saving you money every step of the way.

Pure Chile Products for Your Commercial Kitchen

When you are looking for ways to save money in your kitchen without losing any quality or flavor in your dishes, contact The Chile Guy. All of our chile products are completely pure and packaged in a way to help you save money on labor costs. By reducing your labor costs with food preparation, your revenue will automatically increase over time. Whether you want powders, seeds, pods and more, we can help. Call 1-800-869-9218 today to learn more about how our products can save you money in the kitchen and drive up revenue.