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Time Saving in the Commercial Kitchen with De-Stemmed Chiles

If you are looking for a great way to reduce labor cost and time while driving up profits in your restaurant, de-stemmed chiles from The Chile Guy can help.

Time Saving

Preparing chiles in the commercial kitchen for a sauce or puree can take time. In order to make the best sauce or puree, de-stemming a de-seeding the chile is a vital step. By ordering your bulk chile de-stemmed from The Chile Guy you are saving time on labor in the kitchen. We provide the convenience of de-stemmed chiles for major commercial peppers as time saving (cost savings) on one of the most expensive parts of your operation–Labor.
destemming chilis in kitchen

Savings in the Kitchen

By using de-stemmed chile from The Chile Guy in your commercial kitchen, you can potentially save up to 10 percent on labor costs. By reducing your labor costs with food preparation, your profits will automatically increase. The average restaurant often serves between 120 and 250 dishes a day just to break even on their labor and production costs. The Chile Guy has de-stemmed chile that, over time, provides substantial savings for your business. For New Mexico, Ancho, Guajillo or Chipotle Morita, de-stemmed is the way to go.

De-Stemmed Chiles from The Chile Guy

The Chile Guy is your number one source for de-stemmed chiles, chile powders, chile seeds, whole pod chiles and more. We are dedicated to helping your restaurant save money and time with our de-stemmed chiles. Contact us today to make your bulk orders or to inquire further about our amazing chile products.