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Scoville Chart – What you Need to Know

As a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it is important to know the heat potency of the the chiles you choose to use in your signature recipes. The Chile Guy uses his own rating system that is much simpler to understand and is based off the Scoville Chart for those who may not be as familiar with chile peppers.

What is the Scoville Chart?

The Scoville Chart was designed by Wilbur L. Scoville, a pharmacist from the early 20th century. When he discovered that there was not a chemical to accurately measure or detect trace levels of capsaicin, he decided to begin having people taste the chiles to create a readable chart. Mr. Scoville used a large panel of people and averaged the amount of sugar water to pepper mass it takes to neutralize the heat of each pepper for each person on his panel.

How to Read the Scoville Chart

The Scoville chart can seem confusing to those not familiar with chiles or the chile industry. However it is well-known and used all around the world. The Scoville Chart rates peppers on a scale of 0 to over 2,200,000 Scoville units. These ratings are defined by each unit of dry mass, with water content varying the ratings.

The Chile Guy’s Rating System

The Chile Guy has simplified this system of rating the heat of chile peppers. We know, and sell, hundreds of different varieties of chile peppers, powders and flakes and that figuring out the rating on a new product you want to include in your restaurant might feel daunting with the Scoville Chart.

Our rating system is a scale that ranges from 0 to 10. This makes it easier for you to gauge the relative heat of a chile that you are unfamiliar with using in your commercial kitchen applications. Here is a chart to help you compare our ratings with that of the Scoville Chart:

Basically, The Chile Guy believes that flavor trumps heat as far as the consumer is concerned. How many containers of Habanero powder have you personally finished? It is a function of Chile Peppers to have the snap of capsaicin in addition to their natural unique flavor profiles. And it is also a function of heat to augment and enhance those flavor profiles.

For a business, success is in sales, sales in the restaurant and food industry is vindication and acceptance of a product that can be consumed by the largest possible customer base over and over again. A restaurant would trade one fire eating chicken wing beer drinker for 100 six year old chili-dog eaters any day. Fortunately we carry both! The sports bar can also get what they need, understanding that the hottest pepper is not really what they are selling. They are selling beer! And the hottest salsa, chicken wings or whatever helps them do that!

Whatever your business you are likely to want more people to enjoy over and over (repeat customers) your creation(s). It is our mission to help you succeed with that creation.

No matter the chiles you decide to use in your business, The Chile Guy can help you by providing the quality chiles at competitive prices. If you are unsure of the rating of a chile you want to start incorporating into your new signature recipe, contact us. We can discuss the Scoville chart and how ours fits into your unique Chile Creation.

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