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Why New Mexicans Obsessed with Green Chile—And Why You Should Get in on the Mania

Come to New Mexico in the fall, and you’ll immediately notice the pungent smell of roasting green chile in the air.  New Mexicans love green chile so much, we roast our green chile and freeze it so we can eat it throughout the year. What’s up with New Mexico’s green chile obsession? Why do we wait with watering mouths for green chile season to begin?

 green chilliesSince The Chile Guy sells bulk green chile in New Mexico, he can answer all of the questions you have about our green chile obsession!

What’s Up with New Mexico’s Obsession with Green Chile?

In New Mexico, green chile isn’t just a delicious thing to eat—it’s a way of life. New Mexico green chile is quintessential to our unique cuisine. You won’t find cuisine like ours anywhere else in the U.S. New Mexican food is distinct from Southwestern dishes, and is distinct from Mexican cuisine as well. Our love of all chile—and especially green chile—is largely responsible for this. Green chile offers a sweet, earthy flavor that brings complexity to any dish.


So how do we prepare green chile? First, we pick green chile before it is fully ripe. Fully ripened chiles are red, but we pluck them early, while still green. Then the roasting begins. Local grocery stores and farmers markets dump bucket fulls of green chiles into black wire cages, turning the cage frequently to evenly roast the chiles over propane heat. The result is perfectly roasted green chile that’s easy to remove from the skin.


Are You New to Green Chile? Try these Delicious Green Chile Dishes

If you’re a restaurant owner, adding chile to your dishes can set you apart from that dive down the street. You want to create dishes that are creative and memorable, ones that make your customers want to bring their friends, family and colleagues in to try.

So how can you get in on this green chile obsession? There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Here are a few simple dishes that you can add green chile to:

  • Skip the ketchup and put green chile on top of your eggs. We’ll bet spicy chile wakes you up better than a cup of coffee.
  • Heat and meat go together, just like beef and buns. Add some green chile to your cheeseburgers for a hot twist on the old favorite.
  • Whether it’s a chicken sandwich or chicken enchiladas, green chile adds a unique flavor your customers will remember.
  • It’s more exciting than mushrooms and more exotic than green peppers. Put some cook green chile on top of your pizza—it may sound strange, but the flavor combination is one-of-a-kind.

Of course, you can add green chile to any Mexican dish, too!

Bulk Green Chile for Sale—From New Mexico

The Chile Guy sells bulk green chile for commercial uses in a variety of formats: powder, flakes, pasado and frozen green chile. To learn more about green chile or to order bulk green chile from New Mexico, contact The Chile Guy at 800-869-9218.