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Featured Product: Chipotle Peppers

If you are looking for the perfect chile for your Mexican or Mexican-inspired restaurant, then Chipotle is just what you need. The Chile Guy proudly features Chipotle in several capacities so you can use it no matter what the recipe entails.

What is Chipotle?

Chipotle peppers are essentially just smoke-dried jalapenos. They are known for their smoky flavor with an underlying heat. The Chile Guy carries Chipotle as dried peppers, flakes and powders. Chipotles rank between 2500 and 5000 on the Scoville Heat Chart, giving your restaurant dishes that extra kick without burning your customer’s taste buds.
chipotle chile
We search the markets of Mexico for the best quality Chipotle Morita peppers we can find. Each one is selected for its freshness, heat, flavor and color. We maintain the standard by preserving the dry peppers in coolers at 42 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, we can ensure a pepper picked in September is just as fresh and flavorful the following August.

We know that the best quality Chipotles are found in the state of Xalapa. The capital of Xalapa is Vera Cruz, so we go there on a regular basis to ensure you are always receiving the finest quality product for your commercial kitchen. As Chipotle is selected for quantity purchases of 5,000 pounds at a time, the selection for the best has another impact on the products consumed by you. By selecting the best and cleanest product, the additional process of milling into powder and flakes insures that the powder and flakes sold by The Chile Guy will be derivatives of the same whole peppers purchases originally. How many times have you wondered what is really in the powder you purchased? Does red dirt taste different from regular dirt?

Chipotle Peppers have gained renown for their spiciness and unique smoky tones. Heck there is even a major restaurant chain called Chipotle …..! But I digress. You get the idea. Chipotle is happening!

Since the cleanliness of the product is paramount as it is turned into other consumable products so too is safety. For those customers that require it, the chipotle peppers can also be treated either by ETO (Ethylene Oxide) or irradiation for a small fee. For an additional fee, a Certificate of Analysis can be obtained.

Chipotle Peppers from The Chile Guy

When your restaurant is looking for the highest quality in dried Chipotle chile peppers and pepper flakes, The Chile Guy is the answer. None of our chile products contain additives, preservatives or other spices. You only receive 100 percent pure, natural Chipotle. All of our peppers and chile products are Kosher-certified and FDA inspected.

Contact us to order your Chipotle pepper powder, flakes and dried whole Chipotle chile peppers so you can add that extra kick to your restaurant’s signature dishes. Call 1-800-869-9218 today!