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Is Heat All You Want or Does Flavor Count Too?

When you are looking to create the best flavor profile for your food with chile, do you care only about the intensity of the heat or do you want to make sure the flavor, not the heat is what makes it a winning dish? The Chile Guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico can handle all of your chile needs whether you are looking for powders, pods and more. In this week’s blog, we discuss habanero peppers and Ghost Chili.

Welcome to Flavor Country where the Heat is Twice as Nice

Habanero peppers are among the hottest peppers in the world with Scoville measurements averaging between 80,000 and 600,000 units! This delicious pepper can really bring the heat to your favorite recipes, so be prepared as not every pepper is the same. The habanero provides a slightly fruity flavor that is sometimes as intense as its heat.

Once known as the hottest pepper in the world, this delicious treat is nothing in heat when compared to the infamous ghost chili. Ghost peppers also can create a delicious fruity flavor to them, but because the intense heat this pepper produces, the flavor can be hard to discern for those who are not used to the heat. Ghost peppers can be anywhere from two to ten times hotter than habanero peppers with Scoville units reaching up to 1,041,427.

If you are a person that loves super-hot eats and you are looking for something a little more intense than a habanero pepper, give ghost chili a try. The Chile Guy in Albuquerque, NM supplies habanero peppers and ghost chilis as powders, peppers and seeds.

The Best of Both Worlds: Heat and Flavor

When you want to experience the best of both worlds and have hot food with an incredible flavor profile to knock your socks off, try using habanero or ghost chilis in your next dish. If you are unfamiliar with this type of level of heat, we recommend you go easy and work your way towards the habanero pepper before moving onto eating ghost chilies.

If you are interested in ordering habanero peppers or ghost chilies, contact The Chile Guy in Albuquerque. We provide shipping on bulk orders and many other delicious products that are found all over the world. Call 1-800-869-9218 or 505-867-4251 for more information.

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